Removing content

Many do not believe that it is possible to delete something from the Internet, but it is quite possible, and in this article we will tell you how to do it yourself.

What is inappropriate content?

-negative articles, slander
-pornographic photos and videos, including those made using Deepfake or Photoshop technologies, published without the consent of the user
-compromising materials on social networks, YouTube
-negative reviews, pictures, videos
-screenshots of correspondence
-contact and personal data, including medical information
-inaccurate, irrelevant or deliberately false information
-information about events that contain signs of criminal offenses upon the expiration of their statute of limitations
-information about the committed criminal offenses, the conviction for which is extinguished or withdrawn
People think that you need to hack something to remove inappropriate content.
In fact, you can remove the negative legally and even without going to court.

You can remove negative information in several ways:
1. directly through a search engine (Google, Bing etc.)
2. by contacting the original site owner or hosting provider
3. with the help of a pre-trial claim
4. extreme case - in court

Removing negative content through Google

To remove information from Google, you need to fill out special forms.
This is a request to remove certain URLs associated with a person's name from search results if the information on such pages is published in violation of the law, outdated, incorrect or not relevant to a general audience. The link to the Google form is here.

According to Google public statistics, more than half of applications are rejected. The main reason for refusals is uninformative requests and the lack of evidence of unreliability and irrelevance of information. Do not duplicate the same request several times. It is better to spend time and write a detailed appeal, and then be patient. Google support usually responds within 3-10 days.
Search engines display information collected from websites on the Internet. Even if the support service removes the content from the search, it will still remain on the Internet, and someone will still be able to find the content on the page on which it is posted, through social networks, other search engines.

That's why it's best to contact the site's webmaster and ask them to remove the content.

Contacting the site owner

You can contact the site owner in several ways:
1. Link "Contacts". Find this link or the webmaster's email address. Such information is often placed on the main page of the site.
2. You can find the website owner information in the WHOIS database using a Google search. To do this, open the page and enter a request like whois The webmaster's email address can be specified in the "Registrant Email" or "Administrative Contact" section.
3. If you cannot contact the site's webmaster, contact the hosting company that maintains it. Information about it can also be found in the WHOIS database.

Removal of negative content through a pre-trial claim

The law does not regulate the form of a pre-trial claim in any way.

In this case, it is better to indicate to whom, from whom, why and when the pre-trial claim was sent. If the applicant acts as an official, it is necessary to indicate the place of work. Write what offense the actions of the author of negative content fall under. Do not forget to indicate the response time (10-15 days from the date of receipt of the claim). And most importantly: describe in detail what you plan to achieve. Requirements should be written as clearly as possible.

Removing negative online through the court

If none of the above methods of removing unwanted content has yielded results, it remains only to sue. But you need to make sure that the published information is slander or disseminates your personal data.

As a plaintiff, you must provide evidence. If the information is slanderous, it will be necessary to confirm that it is incorrect and false. If we are talking about insults, linguistic expertise will be needed to confirm the fact of humiliation of honor and dignity.

Unfortunately, the resolution of such issues through the courts will take considerable time (the process may drag on for several years). In addition, it is quite difficult to find an experienced lawyer who specializes in protecting online reputation.

But there is a way out: turn to professionals.

Removing-engineers, negotiators and lawyers of the reputation agency HKBC media will achieve the removal of negative content and save the reputation of a company or person.

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